Fast,   Fluid,   Effective

an open source iOS ORM, designed from the start to be low maintenance and natural to use, developers choose shark for its power and simplicity.

Getting support

You can get support for Shark in several ways.  Firstly, the most popular way to gain support is to search and if necessary post your question on Stack Overflow, here you will find many questions already answered, but if not feel free to ask another and one of many developers will get back to you.

You can also email the original developers using .  Where necessary it is possible to setup a Skype conference if your problem requires more detail, or further investigation.

Reporting Bugs

As the project is on GitHub, feel free to raise issues there, and these will be addressed by all the available developers, but will also be publicly visible for all to see.

As it is an open source project, you could always fix it yourself and then merge your fix back into the source.


We are always after ways to improve the ORM, so if you have any suggestions for features or improvements then we would love to hear them.  The product is built form feedback from developers, and even if you don't have the time to contribute to the project yourself, we wouldn't want that brilliant idea go to waste.

You can email use with any ideas you have at , or raise a GitHub issue for the suggestion and we will discuss it and if agreed add it to a roadmap.